Become a partner with Epicweb and increase your revenue!

The idea of ​​Epicweb is to create tailored development teams from a wide network. In this way, we can put together exactly the team that the customer needs, and we become both broader and stronger than if we work on our own.

Through the network, the contact area with the market becomes much larger, and your opportunities to increase your income become greater.

Your benefits as a member of the network:

  • We convey assignments to each other
  • Being a member costs nothing
  • You get access to the entire network for your own projects, when you need it
  • We help to form the right team for a given project
  • You get kick-back on assignments that you have mediated and that go via Epicweb
  • You get kick-back on completed assignments

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You become stronger in the market

When you are a member of the network, you can use the entire contact area to acquire customers and assignments. Epicweb helps to find customers, put together tailored teams and create business and thereby increase revenue for each member of the customer team.

Who are you?

To be part of Epicweb's network, you should be a sole proprietorship, a small consulting company, a small production agency in need of expanding your network to get more good customers. You should be a senior system developer and be or have senior resources.

Welcome to "Epicweb - Network for Freelance Senior IT Consultants"

We use LinkedIn to administer the group, joining is free and without real connections. You can be both a passive or active member, and thus take full advantage of the group.

Epicweb has an office in Norrköping, Sweden, but we work where you as a customer are.
No matter where you have your business.

Kontakt: +4670-9558055