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Azure Cloud Microservices
Optimizely CMS
E-handel, Optimizely Commerce
Optimizely Digital Experience Cloud Service (DXC)

Our knowledge and skills are hard to beat!

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  • Professional
  • Swedens best developer
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  • Azure
  • Optimizely CMS 11 & 12
  • Optimizely Commerce 13 & 14
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We get you to the finish line quickly, uncomplicated and cost-effectively

Complete solutions, large development projects, high security thinking, advanced challenges and complex conditions are our natural game plan.

Through Epicweb, we gather competencies that span the digital world's complex requirements and conditions. So when you work with Epicweb, you get access to the sharpest consultants for your specific needs.

Some of our areas of expertise

  • Planning and setting of environments
  • Front-end och Back-end
  • Devops
  • Continuous Integration
  • Continuous Deployment
  • Azure Microservices
  • Azure CosmosDB
  • Azure Functions
  • Web 3.0
  • Federering Oauth, OpenId
  • Project management

This is what you get when you work with Epicweb

Do you need one consultant or seven? Or 15?

The point of working with Epicweb is that we tailor exactly the right development team for your current project or needs. Our consultants are self-employed, senior in the industry and with a passion, will and knowledge to deliver the market's best solutions.

Thanks to this collaboration model, you get access to locally based qualified consultants and skills, which you would not otherwise reach in the large IT companies.

We also contract development teams off-shore in combination with local seniors, which means high quality at a lower price.

Ecommerce with Optimizely Commerce

The e-commerce platform with great potential, if you implement it correctly. The importance of using Certified Developers has never been more important. We have the resources, we help you.

Website with Optimizely DXC service

Optimizely cloud platform "Digital Experience Cloud" contains everything a modern website needs and offers many services that make your digital experience at the forefront.

Intranet and extranet

We have extensive experience in internal and external customer platforms. We usually take over after the concept phase and our expertise lies in implementations. We work with federation with Oauth and Open-ID.

Azure microservices

Web 3.0 is here. We sew together and build your new platform with modern services that work on a large scale and reach all geographical regions. Better resource utilization and reduced costs.

Epicweb - just what you need

Epicweb is led by Luc Gosso, one of Sweden's most experienced Optimizely experts. Epicweb brings together the best consultants we can find for large and complex IT assignments, and all consultants are seniors. Therefore, we collaborate with our own entrepreneurs and local agencies to find the best project constellation, regardless of whether the expertise is within Epicweb or with our partners.

This means a number of benefits for you - you get tailored project teams, then you get access to the market's sharpest consultants and we can quickly scale up a team, if more resources or skills are needed.

You simply get a holistic concept around system development, with the help of certified developers with senior status.

Why you should work with Epicweb

  • Certified consultants
  • Extensive consulting network
  • Capacity for complete solutions
  • Our consultants are popular and more personal
  • Senior consultants with cutting-edge expertise
  • Tailor-made project and development teams
  • Accustomed to large complex projects
How we work

We usually take over after the concept phase, although we are happy to be in the first phase with our cutting-edge competence.

We start the implementation phase with workshops on architecture and working methods, but also with requirements capture.

We establish an architectural council and quality council. We work agile with scrum and kanban. Daily reconciliations between team and customer. We value communication, feedback and reconciliation highly and see it as a success factor.

Customer promise

Overall responsibility, commitment, quality, experience and delivery.

Examples of collaborative roles

Project manager, UX developer, front-end developer, back-end developer, lead developer, enteprice solution developer, devops developer, tester and test leader.

Do you want to send us a tender request?

We would very much like to work with you, and we are very curious about what your plans are for your digital development.

Send a request for tender or interest and we will take care of it in a flash and return.

Do you want to work together with Epicweb as a team member?

If you want to work with the market's most exciting development team as your own consultant, we want you to join our LinkedIn group! And if you have read through this website, you probably know what is required of you, and what skills we value.

We are currently seeking a Data warehouse analyst, Optimizely developers and testers

Maybe you're like that?

Epicweb has an office in Norrköping, Sweden, but we work where you as a customer are.
No matter where you have your business.

Kontakt: +4670-9558055